Oppose Kentucky Anti-Small Business Legislation

We need your Help!

As a resident of Kentucky, I write in opposition to SB 81 and HB 147. These bills would allow local governments to create ordinances and regulations more strict than that of the Commonwealth for the sale and enjoyment of legal tobacco products.
While the sponsors of these anti-small business bills note the affects of cigarettes and vape products, we know that premium handmade cigars and pipe tobacco are NOT the problem. Proven analysis demonstrates that premium handmade cigars are NOT attractive to youth, and do NOT have adverse public health issues such as addiction, inhalation and mortality.
Kentucky does not need another layer of regulations that can actually lead to prohibitionist actions by local governments. Kentucky does not need a patch work of contradictory local laws that will only breed confusion for small businesses and consumers, alike. Kentucky does not need to cause further harm for local small businesses during this tenuous economic time, due to a national pandemic.
Please defeat SB 81 and HB 147.